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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Mix Dominguero!

Hair:*Dura-Hair 05 - New! No Free.
Dress: AD&DW #03 Leri Miles Designs Hint: Nothing is better than a warm sweater and hot cocoa when the flakes begin to fall
Boots:  M O N S! Cosmo Boots - red&silver New! No Free.
Tattoo: AD&DW #11 Endless Pain Tattoos Hint: To much of them are bad for the teeth 
Tongue: AD&DW #06 Acide Hint: Check my body
Piercing: #25 [:Where is... HunT:]   .Pekka. HINT:  Its too bright in here
Necklace: #27 [:Where is... HunT:]  (DIAMOND) Hint: oh wait ! BRB
Earrings: AD&DW #16 IREN   Hint:Look on the table?  or so.. 
Pose: PURPLE POSE . No free.

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