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miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Lost in your eyes...

Earmuffs:Texture Change Earmuffs Free(with group tag,free) Baby Monkey
Skin:Steffy in Lolita - T/Bust/Black - Clear Skin Lucky Board Gift (with group tag,free) tSg
Mouth accesorie:Snowman mouthie No Free.New!! *Sweet Sin*
Poncho:Poncho love (turquois) With Love Hunt Gift #60 (10L) -Elan-
Bag:Evonne Fringed Bag in B.Orange w/ Foxtail (neons) With Love Hunt Gift #90 (10L) vive9
Gloves:wool gloves With Love Hunt Gift #24 (10L) d.Select
Pants:Jeans XmasCalendar Gift 7 (with group tag,free) ZaZou
Boots:Mino'aka{lo'ihi}" Offwhite&Choco (80L) Collabor88

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