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lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

M O D A!

Skin [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ Emy] - [ CHEAP&CHIC ] a 50 L in TFG!!
Hair: Madam Luxuria Hair Fatpack (en 4 colores) a 35 L in Glamorize!!
Short: R.icielli - ELEANOR highwaist /HONEYSUCKLE a 50 L  in TFG!!
Earrings & Necklace GlamourPearl Grey a 15 L in Glamorize!!
Shoes BM Bardot Pumps - Pink Leopard a 1 L in BMS!!

Just in time

Foto 1:
**MDL** FEB. Group Gift
Ara (derecha): *BOOM* Neon Hot Pants x2 (no free 25l)
Foto 2:
Evan: *Just Me* Freebie December 2010
Hair: [YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-00-GROUPGIFT-jan-FATPACK (ya posteado)
Shoes: -Phoenix Rising-Buckle Flats-BLACK (1l)
Pants: Unbuttoned Long Shorts Black (SK)
Ara: *Just Me* Hailey Top Black & White Printed Serie(All colors)(no free)

who did it again..

T-shirt: *Muism* [Tie Dye Tank Top Wa-pattern](lucky)
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -who did it again.. (lucky)
[frenzy] Liberty VS Freestyle Jeans 1 (lucky)
[Aquamagic] FlipFlops ~Orange~ Shoes(Midnight Mania)
Hair: EMO-tions gift ( CARLOTTA)
Tee*fy Bangle Necklaces Lace (lucky)
Foto 2:
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lucky01 (Ya posteado)
.::Y&R::. Amazing~T-shirt (boxed) (Lucky)
.::Y&R::. street snap pose set tools~ (free)
A*S Hair 039 (Group gift)
**MDL** Bag Happy Day :)


Hair: *Ayumi-Darkbrown* -Nodoka (no free 50l)
Shoes: * Glamorize  HOT SANDALS 1 (No free)
Glasses: A:B glass sora BOX (lucky)
BugTussle-tankandcheekieset (1l) BugTussle-headband (1l)

[frenzy] + Love Chi.

[frenzy] Leather Jacket 12 (lucky)
[frenzy] Liberty VS Freestyle Jeans 1 (lucky)
[frenzy] present Belt (wear)1l
Hair:  *Natsu-Darkbrown*-Nodoka (no free 50l)
Foto 2:
MakeUp blood tears and Heard- Chi Seid (1l)
Hair: A*S 500MemberGiftHair (dentro del grupo)

Un poco de todo!!

Hair -[YH]-00-GROUPGIFT-jan-FATPACK in [YunA'sHAIR]
T-shirt Group Gift!(en el historial del grupo/nelle notice del gruppo) in [Insatiable Fashions]
Jeans: Freebies!(la cajita de regalo al lado del lucky/ il pacchetto di regalo vicino al lucky) in [Insatiable Fashions]
 Elefant - Dollarbie in ::Ragdoll's cut


Dress  Tisiana wg Pink NO FREE in +++BB+++

domingo, 30 de enero de 2011


Skin: Lucky Board in *MY UGLYDOROTHY *
Ears: minniemouse headband 15 L NO FREE in *MY UGLYDOROTHY *
Leggins: Tee*fy Basic Black Wool Leggins Lucky Board in *MY UGLYDOROTHY *

sábado, 29 de enero de 2011


Shirt (MM): Sassy Kitty Designs (Ya posteado)
Earring (Subscribe Gift): Dahlinks Jewelry

LaS ReGlaS dEl JuEgO LaS PoNgO yO!!

Outfit  Yellow Football Lingerie (boxed) NO FREE New releases in *BabyDoll*


Outfit [Nein!] Panic M FREE in Nein!!

viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

WhAt'S HoT?

Outfit Steelers Crop Top & Shrots FREE in *BabyDoll*
Outfit Packers Crop Top & Shorts FREE in *BabyDoll*

Amor en el aire

Dress: **MDL** San Valentin 2011 Red & Blue -V (No free) A que son una monada!!!


Outfit: [VS] Style Special Winter (1l)
Skin: Noah30 (MM)sVs
Piercing: *Just Me* He Broke My Heart (No free) Ahora que viene San Valentin para mi es el major complemento!
Hair: .+*HS*+. Group 4000 Thank you Hair ::GAST:: (BOX)

ADN Yay!!

2 Outfit FREE (en el historial del grupo) in ADN!!
Ring & Nails Sinra NO FREE in Mandala!!


Shape Cesar I & Shape Sofia I (Mi) (10l cada una, valoradas en 400l)
Shoes: * 6 -flower sculty red (caza de las flores) hunt

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Le Bandiere!!

Skin:  [CheerNo] Brent_Pale Team Special GROUP GIFT(ya posteado) in MODAVIA!
Sweaters: Sartoria GIFT Pack . Zip Italia  in Quality Fashion Mall & Jazz Cafe!
Pants: MM ..Determined (Man Outfit) in SZD!!
Finger Glove - Black~Red FREE [~Zipper] in [Zpr]

Bad Boy!!

T-shirt FREE in - [Zpr]-
Finger Glove - Simply Rubber [~Zipper]  FREE in [Zpr]
Jeans: Men Group Gift free con tag de grupo (ya posteado) in Artemis!!

Para Ellos!!

Outfit: Sartoria GIFT from Four Seasons (caja con globo blanco..free) in Quality Fashion Mall & Jazz Cafe!!


Skin: FREE in Al vulvo!
Hair: DOLLARBIE in Marketplace
Shirt and Skirt: FREE in Jane

pajaritos por aki.. pajaritos por alla...

Obsidian *Free Skin**
* 2 -flower sculty red (hunt de flores "Auriculares")
Pants: *RS* MM FEB.

Princesas de la Casa

Foto 1 y 2: TLSH #7: Label Me Inc (hunt) & [LMI] Winter Polar Bear Hoodie (lucky)
Foto 3 y 4:
.:[C&P ]:. Eeyore  & .:[C&P ]:. Friends
Mochilita: * Cartoon Kids * Backpack (Blue) (Yummy)
Foto 5:  Chibi Sekai - Set Kaline


ReGaLos De GrUpO!!!/ Group gifts!!!

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Lalalala III

Outfit for men and women Innocelia&Mischa (boxed) GROUP GIFT in Diavolicious!!

We LOVE IceCrEaM!!

Hair: Natsu Gold NO FREE in Nodoka!!
Skin  What did I do (wear me) FREE in  miss.murder!!
Outfit: Fashion Set No 22 NO FREE (25 L) in =IZUMIYA=
Ice Cream:  FREE Toys Collection in **Cute Bytes**

Hair: 038 LB (Candy) LUCKY BOARD in A*S
Skirt: jeans highwaist (need to wear something under) a 1 L in ][AV][
Shoes:ENAMEL PUMPS R Black&Red FREE in Exia!!

Vest: Rylan (chalecos  en 4 colores)  LUCKY BOARD in !!KKBB!!
Jean: Black Corduroy Pants LUCKY CHAIR in ~Le~ Fashions
Ice Cream: special ice cream/choco crazy! FREE in Drowsy!!

Mix del giorno 2!!

Outfit: C10-18 Set GROUP GIFT in M*Motion!!
Tongue:  Pierced Prim Tongue v.1 & v.2 FREE in [ni.Ju]
Backpack: Wallaby Backpack - Mr BERRY_ a 1 L in ::Ragdoll’s cut::

Top :Ps:: TigerPrint Pack FREE in .:NirSar:. Design
.:Ns:. 4 kind mini skirt FREE in .:NirSar:. Design

Le Cuginette!!

Skin: A*S Skin 011 LB (Candy) LUCKY BOARD in A*S !!
Hair: A*S RenewalOpenGiftHair1 a 1 L in A*S!!
Jacket Dawn Jacket -Black-LB LUCKY BOARD in =Pearl=
Boots: duboo.achoo set *for season hunt*(muñeco de nieve detras del mostrador-pupazzo di neve dietro il banco) in Le BonBon!!

Hair FREE in LOGO!!
Outfit M*Motion C11-01 New Year GROUP GIFT in M*Motion!!
Carrot [ni.Ju] Freebie nomnom carrot [ni.Ju]

For MeN!!!


martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Blue Blood!!

Dress Marly Red#Tex LUCKY BOARD in +++BB+++

Glad Rags + :=MYA=:

Foto 1: **Oo..Glad Rags..oO** Romper Stomper White (1l)Foto 2 :
:=MYA=: groupbox-2 side belt
:=MYA=: groupbox-fab-backpack:=MYA=: groupbox-hair-unisidep
:=MYA=: groupbox-knitvest-purple
:=MYA=: groupbox-MYA Cap
:=MYA=: groupbox-wristband-watch
:=MYA=: Lucky Board - Half denim pt-pants-blk


Dos conjuntos en rebajas por solo 40l! en MDL

In The GyM!!

Outfit Free sf design snowsuit mens - blue in SF Design!!
Hair   Misfit (49L Sale for dudes) in [Shag]

i ♥ 80's

Foto 1:erratic / group gift 01Seasons Hunt Snowman <3- Djinn & Tonic
Foto 2:
Pendientes: A:B earring 002 Rose FF (gracias ɪ 빙월 м (icemoon.lee).

World's End Garden

El vestido y Sombreros: Group Gift World's End Garden