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domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Pose: PURPLE POSES - Friends 59 No Free
Pose:PURPLE POSES  - Friends 61No Free
Pose: PURPLE POSES  - FriendBall37 No Free

Anxitufreebies les Desea una Feliz Navidad! gracias por seguirnos dìa a dìa Que reine la tranquilidad la paz y el amor en vuestras casas todo el tiempo ,desde hoy y para siempre”

Gracias Familia y Amigos por estar siempre a mi lado en las buenas y en las malas los amo 
Aracuan Lokaria,Iris Zuzu, Azull Gearz, Danna Benoir, Mariu Parx, Nero Kejel, Paustylo Republc, Amixita, Key :)


Hair: [LeLutka & Celoe]-Happy Holidays Group Gift (regalo debajo del arbol)MAYFAIR!
Skin: [PF]   Elly - Fusion (dkbrow/freck)
Dress: !Blah. (My Midnight Sparkle Dress) Violet The Boobies Show. No free. New.
Necklace:je suis... .brillante "ombre" Jewelry Set


Skin  [PF]  Elly - Fusion (ltbrow/freck) No Free
Pants: [Cynful] Zia Denim v 2.0 - Skinny - Stripes - LB (Sway) No Free
Shoes: Mstyle   KASHI Pumps - Magenta (Box) No Free
Gloves:[GLUE INK]* Ree Gloves (Leopard) No Free
Top: My top print Blush. for  The Boobies Show. No free. New.

sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2012

Read My... Lips

Outfit: Read My Lips - Boudoir. No free. New!
Shoes: ! Shoes GRACE - 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340010). No free. New!
Skin: Essences - Tuesday *the last kiss* light. No free. New!  for TDR
Pose: satnd_01dm10 -  Dyer Maker No free.

viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

New Years party ready!

Hat & Boots:  ..:: Energie ::.  ALB Boot Xmas  Bag. Free for Energy
Piercing: [CheerNo] Facial Piercing B_Nose / Silver. Free
Jacket: +HUHU+ PLASTIC JACKET. No free. New!

Shirt: Legal Insanity for Energy Club - Xmas gift 2012 for Energy
Pant: [NO-YOU] - XMAS ENERGY GIFT (bag) for Energy
MiniDress: Dress double color Leopard - Chi Seid. No free. 25L
Boots: !Mesh Snow BOOTS - BUNDLE - REDGRAVE. No free.
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lyala ] - [ Holiday porcelain ]. No free. New!

Pose: PURPLE POSES - Couple 180. No free.

New Years party: New Years party ready! Includes copy balloons and banners! No free. New! Marketplace - Aphrodite.

Ayane`s Dances !

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥


Ayane`s Dances !
Fluffy cool moves for all kinds of Music.
Enjoy this new release from HUMANOID Animations now !
♥Tp to the store HUMANOID in the world or Marketplace.


♥Watch us on YouTube:


Sweater: MiWardrobe - Long Sweater - Group Gift!!! (5colores)
Jeans: MiWardrobe - Strass Jeans - Crown - Blue - B (Gacha).10L
Sneackers: ! Sneakers TONY - brown / REDGRAVE (RGP1310003). No free.
Necklace & Earrings :[EY:NO] Dreamcatcher SET ( Necklace & Earrings ). No free.
Set breakfast: !! Follow US !! Set breakfast toaster blue/white toast. No free. New!

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Se acerca el 21...

Mask: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gas mask. No free
Bag: +HUHU+ Retro Bag cassette2. No free.
Ring: -UtopiaH- Pin-Up Mustache Hand Set. No free.
MiniDress: Dress double color flamenco - Chi Seid. No free. 25L
Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Whiplash green jacket_mesh_female. No free. New!
Pant: [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(black leather). No free. New!
Sneakers: {Elygo} Spike Sneakers  (Classic). No free.
Skin: [ Al Vulo! Skin ]- [ konny] - No free.
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Avril HairStyle/Black-White. No free.
Pose: Purple Pose. No free.

Aphrodite Renitos Regalitos

Zapatillas: (Regalo del Aphrodite 2º semana por navidades) puedes cambiarlas de color.
Renos: (Regalo del Aphrodite 3º semana por navidades)

Sin miedo al frio

Sweatshirt: Gawk! Black Cozy Mini Sweatshirt. No free. New! for The Boobies Show
Skirt: "DEW" Cameron mesh skirts snake. No free. New!
Skin: [PF] Kumi <Vanilla> - Dual Smokey. No free.
App: [PF] <Vanilla> Lola Tango Breast HUD. No free. New.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie2 Mesh Hair - No free, New! for Collabor88
Pose: Purple Pose. No free.
Squirrels: Autumn squirrels- Totally nutz for you! Aphrodite. No free.

Industry Constriction!

Hair:  Tameless   Hair Maycee - Fades New! No Free
Corset: ~G O L A Industry~Constriction (MeshCorset) No Free Exclusive for Stuff in Stock
Body Tattoo:  [GLUE INK]*~ StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo~* No Free
Chest Tattoo:  [bS*] Versus Evil Tattoo No Free
Nails:. ...::: Scrub :::...  . Knuckleduster Nails No Free

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Mini Akausa

Dress: ::: B@R ::: Mini Akausa Kimono (Te dan regalos solo por estar en la tienda).
Hair: Magika [Christmas Group Gift]
Ring: -UtopiaH- Pin-Up Anchor Red Bow Hand Set. No free. New!


Hair:  Miss C. -   - Aida_Black New! No Free
Pants:[AB]  MESH Puffy pants Black No Free
Top: [AB] MESH Any Top Lilac No Free No Free
Earrings:  je suis... chouette earrings *gray* No Free
Necklace:  je suis... chouette necklace *gray* No Free
Shoes:N-core LULU "Black" BOXED Vintage Fair Item (no disponible)
Poses:PURPLE POSE  No Free.

Que planchen ellos.. XD

Nail Polish Rack: With Love From... PILOT [#53]
Ironing board:  !! Follow US !! Ironing board V2 (wood) No free. New! (lavadora no incluida)
Dress: Gawk! Red Norwegian Knit Pullover. No free. New!
Ring: -UtopiaH- Pin-Up Anchor Red Bow Hand Set. No free. New!
Sock's: Parte del conjunto Mj'Ds .:Xmas Edition:. The Exquisite Lady. No free.
Boots: J's Studded Long boots (5Colors). No free.

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012


Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Asami" (Cat's eye) New! No Free for Collabor88
Skin: [PF]  Elly - Fusion (ltbrow/freck) No Free
Sneakers:..:: Energie ::. Groovy Kets  Bag No Free No Free
Pants: +HuHu Unisex Harem Sport Pant No Free
T-shirt: MM5 Rock!-Problem Solved T-Shirt -Black Woman Mesh
Gloves:  [GLUE INK]DRee Gloves (Leopard) No Free

T-shirt: MM5 Rock!- Don't Follow Me T-Shirt Mesh-Black No Free
Pants: Swagy -  arabian long pants black No Free

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

News & More!

Hair: [taketomi]_Azu_LightBlondes No Free
Skin[PF]  Elly - Fusion (ltbrow/freck) No Free
Hoddie: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH hoodie jacket [Typo Lab] BOXED New! No Free FROST FAIR!
Jeans: [Pumpkin] Loose jeans G Lucky Letter

Hair:  -Entente-Yves-Hair-Brown No Free
Skin: The Body co. Breeze (04 Medium) Blonde brows No Free
Jeans: " Calca HD " Black No Free
Jacket: Kapone - Mesh Jacket blackpink New! No Free
Sneakers: Vintage_BLACK Gifrgroup [BLK2.0] 

domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Sacando la basura...

Trash: Kei's Trash  - Boxed 1L
Tray Asia: !!Follow US!! Gift group
Kitchen: !! Follow US !! Relax Kitchen - white. No free. New!
Cardian: *Tea Time* WOOL CARDIGAN TEAL / MESH. No free. New.
Pant: *Tea Time* WOOL BAGGY PANT - PURPLE / mesh. No free. New!
Skin: Essences - Amelie skin - Together For Sway. No free. New.
Pose: Purple Poses. No free.

sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

Wanna play with me?

Hair: [Shag] - These Things - onyx No Free
Skin:DeeTaleZ  Skin Gaby  early Summer No Free
Dress: [*RD*] Lace Up Mini-Black & White New!  The Boobies Show. No free. 
Rings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Melissa Ring Black Leather No Free
Pose: -slouch- pose062 No Free
Pool Table: EoD  Pool table Set (Classic) No Free.

Hohoho.. espiando al vecino

Dress: Deviance - Santa Baby Christmas Outfit - Group Gift
Skin: Essences - Amelie skin - Bittersweet - 2012 group gift
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: The Owl :: Sleeve Tattoo :: H12010. No free. Nuevo! (También versión en color).
Boots: !Mesh Snow BOOTS - BUNDLE - REDGRAVE. No free.
Hair: :esk-imo: Hair _ PLT Annabella. No free
Telescope: EoD Telescope. No free. New!
Pose: Purple Poses. No free.


Skin: [PF]   Elly - Spell Bound  No Free
Top: The Bishes Inc ~ tank top pink New! The Boobies Show. No free. 
Pants:  [Cynful] Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Skinny - Light Blue No Free
Bracelet: ASO!  Leather Bracelet-cross No Free
Nails:Mstyle   Long Nails v2 - Ombre No Free
Tattoo:  [bS*]  XO Love Tattoo No Free

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

mixu trapella

Cat: POE5*GLOBE#007 - KittyCats
Jacket-Dress: *COCO*_Gift_TuxedoJacket(withSequinDress)
Shoes: DADAbeiz :: Glitter pumps. No free.
Shape: [Paranid Dolls] Eloise Shape. No free. New!
Pose: satnd_01dm10 -  Dyer Maker No free.

2nenicas bien bonicas

Pant: +HuHu+ linen pants blue. No free. New!
Ring: +HuHu+ personality ring SEX. No free.

Pant: +HuHu+ classic pants brown. No free.

(Foto de Mamenxu).

I love Xmas!!

Hair: Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift - Alice Project [13 Dec] (aun disponible pero por pocas horas)
Skin: [PF]  Elly - Meloncauli (dkbrow/freck)
Hat: Hunting For Winter - 26. Cutz Free
Jacket: 133 CCH4  [Atooly]  Free
Top: Blush My Basic tank top red  No Free New!
Jeans: [Cynful] Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Skinny - Dark Blue No Free
Boots: Chi Seid - - SnowBoots Snake Black New! No Free
Snowman: //elephante poses// Frosty The Snowman No Free The Black Market!

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012


Dress: a : snowflake #1 Hunt
Rings: -UtopiaH- Pin-Up Mustache Hand Set. No free. New!
Boots: !Mesh Snow BOOTS - BUNDLE - REDGRAVE. No free. New!
Skin: Essences - Monday (TDR fusion). No free. New!
Pose: Purple Poses. No free.
Curtains: Heart Homes scripted curtains- Living room or any room drapes-No free. New! Aphrodite Shop o Marketplace.


Hair with hat:**Dura**Group Gift For women(2012/12)
Sweater: Hunting For Winter - 13. Redrum ( Find the snowman)
Leggins: AOHARU_BT_KnitLeggings No Free
Boots: Hunting For Winter - 22. Anymore Store ( Find the snowman)
Necklace & rings: Hunting For Winter - 2. Sweet Leonard! ( Find the snowman)
Pose: [Atooly] Female Pose Pack 9 New! No Free

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Dulce Espera!

Pose: PurplePoseball 41 No Free.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique2 Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Golden No Free
Skin: [PF]   Elly - Cotton Candy  No Free
Sweatshirt: [Cynful] Oversized Sweatshirt - Cashmere Wool - Hotpink New! No Free .:. F R O S T .:. 
Necklace:..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Wings Necklace Pink No Free.
Wings: [Aux]Fly Free - Pink No Free Arcade Gatcha!
Nails:  :OW:  "ANTi-Arcade" Nails + Rings No Free

Vest: .:: [F]uchOn ::. Winter Mesh No Free  Winter Fair 2012! 
Pants: Swagy -  Mesh Sarouel Arabian pant light blue No Free


Hair:/Wasabi Pills/  Valerie Mesh Hair New! No Free
Skin:  [PF]  Elly - Fusion No Free
Bodysuit: *Milk* My Minaj Body Pink   The Boobies Show. No free. 
Earrings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. . Wings Earring Pink No Free
Necklace:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. . Wings Necklace Pink No Free
Nails: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. . Perfect Nail Pink No Free
Shoes: N-core ZEN "Striped Pink" (No disponible ) Old Vintage Fair items
Pose: EP - Glosoli #2 No Free

Jacket: =Razorblade Jacket= Soft Shell Jacket Liner /// Blue  Winter Fair 2012!  No Free

Feliz Navidad!

Hair: Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift    Alice Project [11 Dec] (ONLY TODAY)
Skin [PF]  Elly - Amazon (dkbrow/freck)  No Free
Outfit & Boots:  [Cynful] Xmas Special 2012 - Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas 10L
Bear: -.label motion.-My Xmas Teddy Subscribe Gift!
Necklace & Rings: Hunting For Winter - 2. Sweet Leonard! ( Find the snowman)

Hair : [taketomi]_Quay     NEW
Skin : *KENTO* Preston 
Horns : RUT Whitetail Antlers 
Sweater : etam - Athletic Shirt - Red / Green      NEW@TheMensDept.
Pants : [Pumpkin]Low jeans 

Hair: TRUTH - Moxie "New" No Free
Dress and headband: [Cynful]  Xmas Special 2012 - Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas "Gift"
Boots: TEN"10 - Sadina boots red No Free

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Rojo navidad

Outfit: 136 CCH4 French Quiss Boudoir Hunt
Bag: POE5*GLOBE#108 - Meena
Hair: Analog Dog freeball
Holly wreath, Christmas Bag & Umbrella: Lucky Santa gifts - Boudoir.
Jewelry: Brazalets, earrings, necklace. JKT mini hunt. 5L cada uno. Se buscan bolas verdes.
Shoes: ! Shoes Cathy - 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340005). No free.
Skin: Deesses: Tameka - Skin base - Flat White. No free. New!
Pose: Purple Poses. No free.


Añadir leyenda
Hair: Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift - Alice Project [09 Dec] (ONLY TODAY)
Skin: [PF] Elly - Candied No Free
Outfit: --Umi Usagi-- 2012 Xmas "USA-long tea Lucky Board
Boots:  ~Pepper~Uggs WHITE No Free
Pose: {PSYCHO:Byts}.Pose 03 No Free

gradientemente xD

Sweater: .:villena:. - cotton sweater gradient#1.No free. New!
Pant: .:villena:. - loose pants raven. No free. New!
Boots: J's Studded Long boots (5Colors). No free.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie Mesh Hair. No free, New! for Collabor88
Skin: [PF] Kumi <Vanilla> - Defined. No free.
Pose: stand_06dm10 -  Dyer Maker. No free. (Tienda de poses y Animaciones Full).

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Rebel Rebel!

Hair: rebel rebel vanilla Analog Dog Free
Skin: [PF]  Elly - Baby Doll 
Appliers tango Skin: [PF] Lola Tango Applier No Free
Dress: ::FV:: Wow Dress TBS exclusive No Free  The Boobies Show. No free. New.
Boots: ..:: Energie ::.    Euphoria boots Black BAG
Neklace::..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Necklace
Earrings::..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Earring Black
Nails:...:::Scrub:::...  Zip Nails - No Free
Poses: Model Poses Pack 12! No Free Gracias Janire Coba 

Boom Boom Pow!

Hair: ging paprika  Analog Dog Free
Skin: ^^Swallow^^  Skin Iman  Chocolate No Free
Makeup: **!Musa! Subscribe Gift 2012 Winter Box
T-shirt: ~G O L A Industry~REGISTERED NO.69 -Purple  New! No Free :::FROST::: (start Dec 12)
Tattoo:  [bS*] Bang The Bitch Tattoo No Free
Pants: [M] 2Toned Jeans - Black/White Lucky Board
Belt: :[ JP ]:dsg. Banksy-Graffiti-belt / FEMALE No Free
Boots:  *Anymore   Knee-High Converse Boots Purple No Free

Jacket: Swagy - - Men Stripes Jacket (Blue) New! No Free
Pants. Kapone - Baggy slim black No Free
Cap: -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- Rider cap "UmiUsagi" replica Group Gift
Stereo:...:::Scrub:::... Vintage Boombox No Free

Pose: Pose 1:  [Atooly]   Pose 20  No Free


Muñeco de nieve 1: 
"Winterfun" Snowman with couple poses & animations.<HEART HOMES> for Aphrodite Shop. o Marketplace. No free. (18animaciones +6poses)

Muñeco de nieve 2: 

"Winterfun" Vampy Snowman with couple Poses, Animations & Props.<HEART HOMES> for Aphrodite Shop. o Marketplace. No free (18animaciones + 5poses)

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Anyeliki & Reycab!

Pose: PURPLEPoseBall40 NO Free

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012


Hair:**Dura*Girl*42 New! No Free
Skin:  [PF]  Elly - Misery (dkbrow/freck) No Free
Tango Applier Skin:  [PF]  Lola Tango Applier New! No Fre
Hat: FreakyDesign - Giraffe Winter hat.No Free
Lingerie: [Cynful] Deliciosa - Giraffe New! No Free.
Tango Applier lingerie: [Cynful] Deliciosa - Giraffe - Applier (wear me)
Boots: FreakyDesign - Giraffe wannabe boots No Free


Skin:  [PF]  Kumi - Defined No Free
Outfit: Asteria Creations - Lazuri Outfit Beige No Free  Winter Fair 2012! (01 - 15 Dec)
Pose 1: Retro'  - pose #84 No Free
Pose 2: Pink Insidious Jive Pantie1 No Free