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martes, 29 de enero de 2013

sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Killer ❤ Annie

Skin:  The Body co. Hunter (04 Medium) No Free (50% OFF SALE)
Jacket: [M] Male Slim jacket- Patchwork - New! No Free
Jeans: [M] Male Skinny Pants- No Free
Sneakers: Swagy -  Mesh sneakers No Free

Hair & Hoodie: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Eleanora HairStyle/Summer Blondies New! No Free
Skin:  [PF]  Elly - Gunmetal  No Free
Tango Applier:  [PF] Lola Tango Applier No Free
Dress: .Mes Sucreries. My Candy Dress Baby Pink New! No Free  The Boobies Show
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual No Free
Shoes: N-core   ZEN No Free

Poses:PURPLE POSE  No Free.

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

I like your Gun!

Skin: [PF]  Elly - Gunmetal No Free
Top:~G O L A ~ I like your gun :P New! No Free Stuff in Stock Discount Event!
Jeans:[EY:NO] "Another" Jeans Ripped Ultra Low No Free
Sneakers:[M.o.w]  Urban Sneakers - P I N K _ New! No Free
Tattoo: [Nana] Press the button No Free
Hands:Slink Mesh Hand Casual No Free
Necklace:...:::Scrub:::... Black&Gold Cameo No Free
Belt: ~Pepper~  Buckle Belt - PLEATED  New! No Free
Rings: +HUHUMesh Bitch ring - +HUHU+ Mesh Porn Ring No Free
Guitar: *Tentacio* My dream guitar No Free
Poses:MODEL POSES -No Free

I'm sexy and U know it! xDDDD

Hair: [e] Studio - Essentials Collection No Free 84L (SALE)
Mask:~Pepper~ Neopren Mask black New!! No Free
Top.Mes Sucreries. My Mini-Mini Top New!! No Free The Boobies Show
Skirt: *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black Grey Stripes
Shrug:[EY:NO]  My Cute Shrug  (black) No Free
Nails:...:::Scrub:::... Club 27 Tribute No Free
Piercing:..:::Scrub:::... Death in my belly Piercing No Free
Shoes *L.inc* Sexy Me Heels Reptile No Free

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

Send Me A Lover

Dress: Send Me A Lover  - Boudoir. No free. New. (incluye botas).
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Marina/FireRed. No free.
EoD Grand Piano Black Closet. No free. New!
EoD Birdy Cage Red. No free. New!


Top: MDL- GG2/13. Free!
Pant: BMH # 28.. v2 Prism Rhianna Hunt.
Pose: Purple pose. No free.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^  Mesh Rosa HairStyle/Summer Blondies No Free
Skin:  DeeTaleZ  Skin Jenna Winter No Free
Dress: PWH Glitz Natural New! No Free  The Boobies Show
Bracelet:  ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Abbey Bracelet - No Free
Necklace:  ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Square Necklace - New! No Free
Earrings:  ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Edda Earring New! No Free
Nails: [Bamboo] Nails - Overture New! No Free
Piano: EoD Grand Piano Brown Open New! No Free
Pose:  Purple pose. No Free

wassap enviado...

Breakfast: !! Follow US !! Happy New Year 2013
Key: <kal rau> Key Chain. free.
Dress: Gawk! Blue Camouflage Strap Dress. No free. New!
Jacket: AOHARU_W-RidersLeatherBlouson_Blue. No free.
Hair: Vanity Hair:Candice. No free.
Pose: Purple pose. No free.


Dress: :[P]:-Boobies Gift: Dress and some stuff!
Necklace: {.essences.} Alpaca Necklace * Old lace. No free.
Bag: {.essences.} south american bags No free.
App Lolas: [PF]  Lola Tango Breast HUD. No free.
Skin: [PF] Kumi  - Blue. No free.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lumi 2 Mesh Hair. No free.
Pose: Purple pose. No free.

*Zinnias* Quetzalcoatl Serpent Shelf Entire Set bagged. No free. New!
*Zinnias* Neo Aztec Bench Set. No free. New!

martes, 22 de enero de 2013


Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Urban Girl - Glam Rock Fair Gift  Fair GOTH 
Pose: :: Focus Poses Runway Set 3 :: 1L  Fair GOTH 
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Group Gift [Free] 2013#0 - Mesh jacket black/gray
Shoes: MDL  - Metallic Black . No free.

Heart Homes Romance Piano

Piano: Heart Homes Romance Piano (PG Version, Boxed). No free. New! Aphrodite o Marketplace.

Valentines Romantic piano (PG Version) Includes: 
A total of 35 self made custom animations divided on a few menus as following:
~♥~ 3 solo animations for sitting, playing piano or singing.
~♥~ 7 duet animations for playing piano together & more
~♥~ 9 tender animations with kisses, cuddles & snuggles
~♥~ 23 romantic love songs, piano version, self made.


Shoes: J's gift flip-flap For Ladys
Sweatshirts: [Aux] Printed Sweatshirts - gift VIP (Grupo de pago)
Ring & Necklace: MiWardrobe - Dangerous Triangle - Amber - No free. New.
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] - [ Red Chocolate for The Dressing Room Fusion. ] No free. Descuento.
Pose:  Dyer Maker No free.

lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

San Valentin!

Queda poco para este día tan especial! y que mejor forma de celebrarlo que haciendo sentir a esa persona la más especial! Os proponemos alquilar una de estas casas para sorprender a tu pareja. (El alquiler ofrece cena con servicio de mesera- opcional).


Shirt: S.H.S Lost Boys Mesh Tee  Group Gift
Pant: [S.H.S] Handprint Sweatpants Group gift
Sneakers: {Elygo} Spike Sneakers  (Classic). No free.
Skin: Essences - Wednesday skin. No free. New! for The Dressing Room Fusion.
Pose:  Dyer Maker No free.

Cousin's Style!

Danna (Left):
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Brianna"New" No Free
Dress: Bishes Inc. S & M Dresses "New No Free  The Boobies Show
Collar: *L.inc* Bound Collar Ripped No Free
Gloves: *L.inc* Bish Gloves Black "New" No Free
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black No Free

Annie (Rigth):
Hair & hoodie: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Ladymana HairStyle/Summer Blondies New! No Free
Skin: [PF] Elly - Fusion (ltbrow/freck) No Free
Lolas Applier:  [PF] Lola Tango Applier No Free
Lingerie: Rock Me Amadeus - Cassandra Lingerie New! No Free The Boobies Show
Shorts:[M.o.w]  Black Denim Shorts No Free

Poses: [Atooly] Female Pose No Free

domingo, 20 de enero de 2013



Jacket: +HUHU+ BLUE DENIM JACKET & SHIRT. No free. New.

Shirt: +HUHU+ Mens MESH Winchester Shirt Stripes PURPLE. No free. New.

Vest: .:villena:. - layered vest cross pastel for SFW
Jeans: .:villena:. - skinny jeans G1 for SFW
Boots: "DEW" Venus boots multi texture
Skin:  Deesses: Zukey - Skin base - Flat White
Hair:  Vanity Hair Urban Chic. No free. New!

(Hola, quería avisaros que estoy teniendo unos contratiempos con el pc, por lo que posteo menos y es posible que las fotos no sean tan detalladas como normalmente, espero solucionar esto pronto para poder publicar más seguido.)

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

♥Tp to the HUMANOID CLUBBING  on Sunday ! 8am -8pm SLT

In the world or Marketplace.


♥Watch us on YouTube:


Skin:  [PF] Elly - Fusion No Free
Applier Lolas: [PF] Lola Tango Applier No Free
Top: [Cynful] Lala's Shrug - White New! No Free  The Boobies Show
Jeans: [Cynful]   Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Skinny - Washed Blue No Free
Tattoo: [ Omen ] Consciousness Tattoo New! No Free
Accesories:  ^;^CaTwA^;^  /Gayaa Necklace, Forehead Band and necklace No Free.
Shoes: Mstyle   KIM Boots - Silver (Box) New! No Free
Poses: MODEL POSES - Elizabeth No Free

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013


Furniture: *Zinnias* Guitar Picker's Chair  Set- 4 Walls Hunt (20 L)
Earring: ^;^CaTwA^;^ /Gayaa Earring /No free. New.
Dress: ArisAris  Desirable . No free. New!
Skin: Deesses: Zukey - Skin base - Flat White. No free.
Hair: Vanity Hair:Candice-Nova. No free.

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013


Hair: /Wasabi Pillsamie Mesh Hair - New! No Free
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ]- [ Eleonor ] - [ Black porcelain ] New! No Free
Lips:  [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick/Teeth - (Vamp) No Free
Dress: [AB] PMVH starting january 15th
Earrings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Asia Earring - Texture change menu New! No Free
Necklace: ..:: BenS Beauty ::..   one day necklace No Free.
Pose:  PURPLE POSES  - Amanda New! No Free
Shoes: N-core LULU "Black" (Vintage Fair) No disponible
Furniture: : EoD  Four Walls Hunt

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013


Hair:::Exile:: Days Go By: Naturals No Free
Skin:  The Body co. Fox No Free 50 off SALE
Eyes: [CheerNo] Eyes. Vivare_Blue No Free
Piercing: .Pekka. Nose Swirl No Free
Hands: [CheerNo] Hands_M#6  No Free
Tatto Hands:  [CheerNo]  Meshands_Tatoo  No Free
Jacket: Kauna - Blazer: Black  No Free
Shirt: Journey :: Tank Tops V2 - Black  dollarbie 1L
Necklace: **Stash** Necklace  No Free
Belt: :SEY Double-Hole Belt_B [Stars]  No Free
Jeans: Not so bad . mesh . JORIS jeans . regular  No Free
Shoes:  2real!  LOW CUTTLERZ SHOES BOX  No Free

Skin: The Body co. Ivy  (04 Medium) No Free 50 off SALE
Jeans:  [M.o.w]  Knotted Jeans -[Style 1]  No Free
Top:   *T.Whore* - -  Lolita Top White No Free
Jacket: - CHANDELLE -   Jacket Ty black No Free
Shoes: [Gos] Storm Sandal in Black Leather [bagged] No Free

Pose: {pose maniacs} 76 No Free


Hair: [BURLEY]_Dimitri_Blondes No Free.
Skin: The Body co. Breeze (04 Medium) Blonde brows No Free  50% off  SALE No Free
Jacket: =kk= Mind Jacket MESH No Free. 50 % off
Pants: =kk= Crush Jeans Unisex MESH No Free 50 % off
Sneakers: 2real! CUTTLERZ SHOES No Free


Skin  [PF]   Elly - No Free
Jacket: [M.o.w] Inflated Jacket -Linned Pink- No Free
Pants: [M.o.w] Patt 2 Baggy Jeans No Free
Sneakers: [ JP ]:dsg. sneaker VENTURA / Multicolor No Free

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Candy Candy

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Candy V2 Fatpack Gift
Dress: HTH#27- [Cynful]. Hunt.
Bracelets: MiWardrobe - The Famous Secret No free. New! - Limited Bazaar
Boots: DADAbeiz :: Queen Petrol Boots. No free. New.
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] - [ Black porcelain ]. No free. New.
Pose: PURPLE POSES -  KHALEESI. No free. New.

domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Tulipanes en Invierno

+HUHU+ Mens Long Sleeve Loose Purple. No free. New!

Outfit: ArisAris Tulips Velvet. No free.

Outfit: ArisAris Tulips Velvet. No free. (Versión Especial).
Necklace & Bracelets: MiWardrobe - The Famous Secret No free. New! - Limited Bazaar
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jamie Mesh Hair - No free. New!
Skin: the body co. No free.  '50% - 75% OFF SALE' at theWarehouse. (12-31Enero).

viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Kaelyn in the House

poq chi

Outfit: Emery - Mesh Outfit Xmas Gift
Boots: *Crazy* Obscure Boots  -  Mesh - Resizable. No free. New!
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Morgan Mesh Hair. No free.
Furniture: !! Follow US !! White console HOME. No free. New!

Daddy's princess!

Skin: [PF]  Elly - Fusion No Free
Swearter: Gawk! Rose Cozy Mini Sweatshirt No Free
Panties: :OW:  "Candy Rainbow" Panties No Free
Ring:  +HUHU+  Mesh Love Ring No Free
crown: : :OW: "daddy's princess" pink crown : Gacha  No Free
Tie: : :OW:  Mini Tie "Rainbow Pig" SUPERRARE Gacha  No Free
Pose:PURPLE POSE  Eloise No Free

jueves, 10 de enero de 2013


Outfit: ArisAris ISandy Outfit. No free. New.
Skin: Diva: Skin base - Flat White }{ Deesse's Skins. No free.
Pose: PURPLE POSES - CATARINA . No free. New.

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Sin titulo 2!

Skin: Al Vulo! ] - Livia dark side 2 blonde brow fairy No Free
Lips:  [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick/Teeth - (Vamp) No Free
Sweater:  - CHANDELLE -  Shirt Yara black/brown No Free
Pants: +HUHU+ Harem Pants  No Free
Shoes: Mstyle   KAI Slings - Black (Box) No Free
Clutch: OSAKKI // Rio Clutch -  No Free

martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Venetian Rose Couture

Hair1 & Hat: [LeLutka & Celoe]-Happy Holidays Free.
Hair2: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Vivianna HairStyle/Black-White. No free.
Dress: Venetian Rose Couture -  Boudoir. No free. New!
Skin: H.O.J. Frau Skin [ Pale Tone ] No free. New!
Pose: sit_05FDM09.  Dyer Maker No free.


Skin: :GP: Party Girl Megapack - Thank you so much everybody! Group Gift (The Group its open for limited time) Curio!
Jeans:Chi Seid -  Skinny Low Rise Jeans Mesh Blue No Free
Boots: ..:: Energie ::.    ALB Boot Black  Bag No Free
Piercing: (r)M  ~~ (TONGUE) Plugs & Piercing  No Free

T-shirt: tchiky tank rap New! No Free
Pants: Swagy -  - Mesh Sarouel Arabian pant black No Free

Pose: [PM] LOVE New! No Free.

Kawaii Mini Hunt

Top: Kawaii Hunt #8 .::CENSORED::.
Short: Kawaii Hunt #3 .::CENSORED::.
Shoes: DADAbeiz :: Doux High Pumps Pink. No free
Skin: [PF] Kumi  - Pink. No free.
App for Lolas Tango: [PF] Lola Tango Breast HUD. No free
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika HairStyle/Dark Browns. No free.

Pose: PURPLE POSES -  KHALEESI. No free. New!

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Sin titulo!

Hair: **Dura**Boys&Girls*39(Black) No Free
Skin: ::DS:: Glo Subscriber New Years Gift
Dress:  [Cynful]  Opportunity Combi Dress - Olive Green No Free
Shoes:  N-core   FEMME No Free
Necklace:   ..:: BenS Beauty ::..   Linda Necklace No Free

Friends living room

Ayane`s Dances Vol.2 !

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

Ayane`s Dances Vol.2 !

Fluffy cool moves for all kinds of Music.
Enjoy this new release from HUMANOID Animations now !
♥Tp to the store HUMANOID in the world or Marketplace.


♥Watch us on YouTube:


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lumi Mesh Hair FaMESHed New! No Free
Sweater: Kawaii Hunt #6 .::CENSORED::.
Shorts: Kawaii Hunt #4.::CENSORED::.
Shoes: Kawaii Hunt #5 ..::CENSORED::.
Tattoo Nose: Kawaii Hunt #9 .::CENSORED::.

.::CENSORED::. kawaii Hunt  Date: 6-31 January (20L)
                          Find 10 Cupcakes!!!

domingo, 6 de enero de 2013


Skin: [PF] Elly - Goldilux No Free
T-shirt: MM5 Rock!-KKiss T-Shirt-Red WOMEN New! No Free
Sneakers:[ JP ]:dsg. sneaker VENTURA / Multicolor / *MESH  New! No Free
Pose: [Atooly] Female Pose No Free
Piercings:  Ko'oeku --- Bull Piercing Mesh No Free


Skin: [PF] Elly - Goldilux No Free
Dress: [Cynful] Strapless Dress - Bronze No Free TDR!
Boots: parte del outfit  Mj'Ds  - WD Brown - No Free
Necklace:  ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  Rosana Earring & Necklace No Free
Rings & bracelet: ..:: BenS Beauty ::..   Rosana Bracelet & Ring No Free
Pose: PURPLE POSES  - Anna No Free