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domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

>C.K. Toddlers< Girl Mesh Avatar (1-2 years old)

Avatar: >C.K. Toddlers< Girl Mesh Avatar (1-2 years old) No Free
Pose:  PURPLE POSES. No Free.

This is a Cartoon K. Toddlers original product.
Official Sim: Mars
For support: Please contact JeanPaul Andel or Paty Paule
Cartoon Kids Mesh Toddler Avatar.
The Avatar comes with:
-100% Rigged Mesh Body
-Blinking Eyes (wearable separate)
-2 Skins & Eyes HUDs (each skin comes in 8 tones, eyes comes in 9 colors)
(How to use the HUD? please see the Guide Photo you have in folder)
-Emote HUD (comes with several face expressions, sleeping too!)
-Sculpted Hair (in 4 colors: blonde, brown, red, black)
-Mesh Diaper + Full Outfit
-Playing AO
-Personal Version of clothes creator box (you can add your own sl clothes textures on it)

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