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miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Waffle! sales/Toxic Bish

Shirts:Unbutton shirts(Black,Grey;White,Baby Blue) No Free.New! [Toxic Bish]
Leggins:Wildside Leggings [white] On Sale(all in the shop are marked down to 10L!) Waffle!
Skirt:Cargo Mini Skirt [blue] 10L Waffle!
Pants(Black/Blue):Ringer Jeans [cerulean] 10L Waffle!
Pants(White): Lola Jeans [white] 10L Waffle!
Boots:Ugh! Knit Boots - Snow 10L Waffle!
Tattoos:EY-4-2/EY-4-3 G-4 Free Dream Ink
Nails:BLUE NAILS 1L Marketplace
Earrings:pierce Metal Ring 1L Marketplace
Necklace:pendant  Shell 1L Marketplace
Skin:Larisa Skin Group Gift (entrada free) Maai

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